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Announcing Chela! I took a few hours to try and make a nice little self hosted URL shortener like bit.ly. I wrote it in Rust and tried to keep it small. I'm currently hosting it at trkt.in. I used sqids to generate ID's which leads to super awesome short URL's like trkt.in/GM! The source is available here.
day 10! Wrote a syntax highlighter plugin for inkdocs
My updates for day 9 and day 10 of #10-days-in-public! Yesterday I spent some time getting github.com/hackclub/wizard-orpheus up to snuff to run a workshop on how to build a game using it at #wonderland! It went really well and everyone built awesome games. I asked for feedback and got an NPS of 18%, which is good - but not great, so I’m working on improving it. The key issues people identified are: • Roughly 1/2 of people built something they were proud of, and a few people got super into it, but 1/2 of people didn’t customize and didn’t make something they’re proud of. I’m going to change the workshop so everyone comes up with their game concept and customizes from the beginning, rather than waiting to customize for the end • For the more advanced people who already knew JS, they wanted to see docs so they could figure out how to customize it deeper. So I wrote them! • The slides were hard to follow visually, so I am working on improving them
Day 2 of #10-days-in-public: Wrote an auto-reloading devserver using websockets.
Day 2 of 10 days in public. I am leaving for a trip today, so I thought the most reliable idea is to post this now. If I do more later today once I get where I am going, I will talk about it tomorrow. Today I wrote out the main story line in its entirety except for characters and details, then watched a bit of a tutorial on making a text based rpg, but realized I needed to know what loops were, so I watched a video on loops, and then experimented with my newfound knowledge. I also tried to figure out how to use the app I got to code things in, but that will take more time. Here is a document with story and stuff: docs.google.com/document/d/1hhrkJPQ7tqSYxhMyzBAnxj3mKT01PaUtq-UWFGhz3r8
I set up a new dev blog for oblong at reese.obl.ong with write freely and wrote about active zone! #10-days-in-public
Today I wrote a BNF (Backus–Naur form) of my language Kin
Wrote an esoteric programming language in just one day! Today i wrote it's standart library and it works well. Here's a simple program in it. It defines a function 'inc' that increments a number you pass into it. Then i define some numbers. Then i just log a natural number in the main function and that number will be inc(69) a.k.a. 69+1
T-67 Days until Orpheus wins! Okay so I'm literally writing this right before I go to bed. I'm super tired because It's been a long day, but here are some notes of what I did today! • Started reading They Both Die at the End. It's really good so far, and I'm halfway in. I'll probably be a bad kid and stay up and read some more • I practiced esperanto on duolingo... I'll probably step up my practicing this friday because I'll be on my way to camp this weekend again. • Finished the rough draft of Episode 2 of my serial novel, Zero Gravity (now publishing on Kindle Vella and Wattpad!) • Explored some new songwriting ideas • Got my learner's permit... Oh, and my license to kill, but that's a secret 😉 • Wrote some stuff for school • Wrote this little scrapbook post Anyway that's all, folks. Stay hacky! PS: You get... A bad 11pm selfie because I took absolutely zero pictures of anything I did, and I don't want to spoil the next episode of Zero Gravity (even though it's kinda predictable tbh)
today's scrapbook post is a little bit abstract as i don't have anything to "visibly" show (i cant just leak movie scripts lmao) but Ive come to a sort of impasse in the writing process. Our plot involves multiple conflicts, from existential to personal, and explores the consequences of idolization, climate change, and the worship of technology. these three themes clash with one another of course, since a film only has so much screen-time, but then begs the question of what is most important to speak about. When I wrote the initial plot for this movie, climate change stood at the forefront of my mind, with idolization 2nd and tech worship 3rd. That was almost two years ago. the existential horror of climate change still scares me, but no longer plagues my everyday thought in the way the other topics too. as a result, I have provided band-aid solutions to the storyline as my view on life has changed. This has created the problem where I find myself solving problems that I did not realize existed with the plot, only for new problems to rear their head. it's sort of a wack-a-mole game with plotholes. NOT FUN. I have gotten to the point where we had to ask ourselves, what even is this movie? what are we trying to say, and what do we think will come of the world? after endless deliberation, that question remains unanswered, , , which i guess i shouldnt be suprised by lmao. its an issue to solve- but after some thinking. I would rather tell a story that has a cohesive opinion than one strapped together over the years.
T-73 days until Orpheus wins! 📚 Today, I completed the current challenge by collaborating with @KaraMassie to make our "read lists" longer (This is day two, since I briefly mentioned it in my last post!) I finished my book, His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik today, and it was so good! I can't wait for the next book to be available at the library for me. Tomorrow, I'll pick up another book that I've been wanting to read. :esperanto: I made it to sapphire league on :duo: Duolingo! Yay! I've also put a textbook on Esperanto on hold from the library. This particular book is held with high esteem in the community and I've had experience with some of its content as well... Its very well written! 🏫 I wrote a letter (Right-center) to someone in order to complete an assignment for my english class. The handwriting is... Let's just say it's not my best work. ✍️ I started writing the last scene of my second chapter. Gotta keep cranking through! I also wrote some song lyrics and poetry that's probably not going to get shared, but whatever. Since today was my writing club, we had some fun creating random story ideas, such as a horror novel about walmart employees trapping customers in the self checkout area and making them go insane from the machine saying "Please scan item then place item in the bagging area." Not only that, but there was even some classism involved! Fun times! 🏋️‍♂️ I'm not sure if I mentioned this in my first post for #100-days, but I'm trying to just be more active/healthier. I went for a walk outside and I have some stuff I'm going to do before I go to bed tonight. 🎼 I got the general concept for and first few lyrics of a twisted version of "Love Story" by Taylor Swift. It's meant to be from Romeo's perspective and ends with... Well, y'know, death. I think it sounds fairly good so far and if enough people peer pressure me ask me to share it, I may send a snippet. That's all for today. Keep on scrapbooking, and remember to support the Orpheus house!
wrote a recursive descent parser (that handles left-recursion) in ocaml for my PL class! functional programming is fun
Wrote my first unit tests today!
Wrote a simple scheduler in C++ for my microcontroller project, it allows me to schedule runs of some "work" function by giving it a delay or a timestamp when I want it run. you can have multiple jobs scheduled, each with different parameters for the function!
hi! i’ve been a bit inactive in this slack but i’m officially back! just wanted to share a couple things i’ve been working on: marrow, markright, and the star of the show, arson! arson :fireball: is a programming language, around, well, ARSON! what else. (excuse the bad inside joke.)👇 here’s a demo of me writing a sudoku puzzle solver in arson with marrow, a text editor i’ve been working on using this amazing guide on writing one in c that i’ve been expanding upon! because i want my own vim alternative but mostly for funsies and to learn c. another things: markright! some people might know that i wrote my own markdown parser a while ago along with a web ui. the web ui has been improved and looks a lot better! (although i have a couple issues to fix in chrome). comes w/ google oauth (i kind of skimped on adding extra auth options) and a recursive filesystem. demo also below 👇 extra things i did or am working on icyi at www.jianminchen.com/article/general/2023-06-04! going forward planning to work on more hc-centric stuff!
I finally finished my confetti thing for #angelhacks-site! :angelhacks: github.com/hackclub/angelhacks3/pull/8 :pr: This is my first time working with Next.js :nextjs: and I wanted to see if I could code something with it without reading any docs! *How?* • Well, first I had an error, I couldn't start the dev environment! :pensive-wobble: To fix this I (somehow) installed next globally and that allowed my package.json :npm: to run next build • After that, I wrote the confetti code and implement it on a React :react: component but I also don't know any react so it didn't work :eggsdee: • So I added the confetti code into the already existing PhotoGallery component! :yay: Everything looked good, but then I got this error: ReferenceError: document is not defined :errors: • To fix that, I run my code client side after watching a small tutorial and it ended up like this:
import Masonry from 'react-masonry-css'
import styles from './PhotoGallery.module.scss'
import { Nunito } from 'next/font/google'
import { useEffect } from 'react'

const nunito = Nunito({
  weight: ['400', '800'],
  subsets: ['latin']

export function Button({ children, fontSize = '7rem', ...props }) {
  const handleClick = () => {
    import('js-confetti').then(({ default: Confetti }) => {
      const confetti = new Confetti()
        emojis: ['🎮', '👾', '🕹️', '💻', '📸', '🎧', '🎨', '🪽']

  return (
    <button className={styles.button} onClick={handleClick} {...props}>
      <span className={styles.shadow} />
      <span className={styles.edge} />
        style={{ fontSize }}
        className={`${styles.front} ${nunito.className}`}>

function Image({ src, text }) {
  return (
    <div className={styles.photo}>
      <img src={src} width="auto" />

export default function PhotoGallery() {
  useEffect(() => {}, [])
  return (
    <div className={styles.photoGallery}>
      <div className={styles.photos}>
This was very fun to work with, and definitely I need to properly learn Next.js on the future. :salute:
Data visualisations are relaxing to make; this one is using Wikipedia editor data. I wrote a little to explain what's going on. Definitely going to do more of these observablehq.com/@malted/wiki-editors
wrote a chess bot!
Just wrote an article on Hashnode about my WHW debugging journey.
Didn’t do anything much today. Went to hardware store and bought superglue and anti-slip rubber mat for my RC car stand, gonna see if this prevents the car from slipping around, wrote a blog on how I made my first web app too.
Day 6 of Winter Hardware Wonderland :winter-hardware-wonderland: Pretty chilly today, Melbourne’s weather just doesn’t want to make up its mind! Today I: • installed the fan PWM controller • Wrote a little bit more code
WHW Day 6/10: Wrote some more code for #sprig persistent storage.
Day 4 of #WinterHardwareWonderland Today I wrote some stability code for the drone motors and also attached the power module
Day 3/10 of #hardware-party!! :winter-hardware-wonderland: Split-flap display: I added in the missing flaps from yesterday and wrote a short script to make more precise flips. It flips rather inconsistently, however. 😕 I also figured out the hall effect sensor, which detects magnets — i’ll use that as a homing mechanism to identify what letter the display is on.
WHW 2: Software today. Wrote a bit of code, neovim go crazy? Hardware tomorrow. Gotta get the HDMI input working, going to try booting Alpine from a USB. If all goes well I might be able to host a couple of things there tomorrow (just testing stuff, no stability yet).
Late winter wonderland Day 1 (because of stupid timezones making me confused :bsod_smile: ) • Figured out how to connect the screen to the board • Wrote the software for the display (actually took me more than one day)
Hey @scrappy-U015D6A36AG I'm back with Second day updates on my #hardware-party project. So, today I wrote some code to convert the epub files into beautiful images which the eInk display can then display. Still figuring out if this is the best way but Waveshare asked me to convert everything to images so here we go with Approach one.
Day 1 of Winter Of Making, I designed the base station case for a Heltec Lora32 V3, wrote the speed sensor code and spent hours trying to level my ender 3
Day 1/10 of #hardware-party! Starting today, I’m going to spend a little time every day for the next 10 days building a split-flap display inspired by the parts list from @linkai here. It’ll be internet connected, so I can wire it up to show the current balance on :bank-hackclub-dark:. Today I wired up the hall-effect sensors that’ll control the split flaps, and wrote some test code to make sure they’re working the way I want them to. You can see the sensor working by how it flashes from the magnet. Once I have them working correctly I’ll start working on a motor housing in Fusion 360 that will hold the thing in place and connect it to the flaps. Excited to see the progress everyone else makes today! I’m going to spin up a repo tomorrow and show off my work there.
wrote an article about shakespeare & ai. no idea if the code works tho LMAO
I wrote a font explorer for sprig because I needed a pipe | character. I found it where the backslash \ normally is.
Playing around with Svelte! Wrote a little highlight.js component
quickly wrote some code for a pictionary game for the python class that i’m teaching!
wrote a simple bytecode-interpreted language while bored at school today (read thread for details)
Day 8/10 of #10-days-in-public! Completed day 6 of AoC, it was much easier than I thought it'd be. Did a lot of work on my "copyright infringement detector" project, sketched a data model for storing perceptual hashes of our videos, hosted a redis instance on digital ocean and pushed all our data on it. Wrote a lot of python, and ffmpeg scripts for the project, kinda getting the hang of python now.
day 6 of #10-days-in-public studied whiplash movie, and learned about how damien chazelle filmed the whiplash(my favorite movie) in just 19 days and took down tips on how to write a good story. specifically i learned to visualize what you want to happen in the movie and to certain plot points bigger than the characters themsevles. i also wrote down some ideas i had for different scenes in my dinosaur film.
day 5 of #10-days-in-public! wrote the dockerfile, might need some time to improve on it. gonna be learning go soon
Day 1/10: Made it through chapter 1, and starting on chapter 2 of the Deep Learning with Python book. My goal is to understand some of the fundamental concepts of neural networks in the next 10 days. I wrote and trained my first neural network! (but I don’t understand the code at all). See hackclub.slack.com/archives/C01D7AHKMPF/p1669597204292789 if you want to join the learning group I’m putting together!
This morning I wrote a Webpack loader that lets you import Sass variables. (I promptly deleted it and swore never to speak of it again)
Wrote a little Python script to change the background on my computer every so often. Probably could have found something, but this is more fun :)
Was bored so I wrote a guide for ppl who want to generate obsidian notes from gcal 🙂
Just finished an art drop of some art that I haven’t had the time to post online for a while! I’m going through the Inktober 2022 challenge, so I created Day 4 Scallop, Day 5 Flame, and Day 6 Bouquet! I also finished a collage project recently of an ouroboros 😄
Remaking my song Green Light! (Again!) It’s been over two years since I first wrote it…in fact I’m pretty sure you can find the original somewhere in here…time flies
Day 8/10 of #10-days-in-public! I’ve been rebuilding my website and today I got myself stuck in *bash madness*. I wanted to modify my note syncing script to add metadata to the notes (specifically creation time, last edited time, and a list of the file’s previous names) and… wow. That was a lot harder than I expected. Ultimately, I wrote this mess. But it does the job! And it works in production! Now all of the notes being synced to github.com/zachlatta/public-notes have metadata added to their front matter. Here’s an example. Now I can add more details about the note being displayed on zachlatta.com, sort them by creation date, and also gracefully handle renames, so no more 404s after a file gets renamed. Beta of the new site is at beta.zachlatta.com. (right now zachlatta.com doesn’t work because my self hosted setup constantly breaks 😞)
#10-days-in-public back to school :sob (5/10) Not much development, i was tutoring and running errands (new haircut!). Fall break is over :crying_sunglasses_cowboy: wrote some notes for my classes in prep for tmr. Flight back to philly was actually not that bad surprisingly, i met a cool dude who we shared a mutual with and we talked the whole flight. I’ll have an update later tonight w progress on projects 👍
Day 5 of Zachtoberfest® #10-days-in-public!!!!!! My dad had a chocolate tasting and I had some of the worst correlation (probably because of my sweet tooth). Had a lot of fun and tasted a lot of chocolate. Unfortunately did not have the time to do programming as I did a lot of drawing for inktober and a school project as well! Tomorrow I have school and my first “day” or whatever at McDonalds so I will be pretty busy. Here are my inktober drawings so far (Days 1-9).