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A chess implementation made in c++. Includes 2 modes: Algebraic: Where you write your moves in algebraic chess notation Or Visual: Where you can select + move with wasd+space. This also allows you to see your possible moves. Repo: github.com/d3vboi/VectorChess
Update/completed iteration #GMM0VHBBM| of my Patient Assistance webapp. I have added PWA support (meaning it can be "installed" and added to the home screen on mobile devices!) which is what my user has requested, and it also removes the browser UI, so more space for my app! This version also has brand new ⭐ reconnect ⭐ support so that the patient that requires assistance can put their device to sleep/turn off the display on mobile, upon reloading the device, it reconnects to all assister devices, which is neat! I also made sure all buttons work and fixed the WebKit weird rendering behaviour on Apple devices. GitHub: github.com/Draggie306/patient-assistance/commits/main View Page: patient-assist.ibaguette.com
#blot ship? kinda... I loved github.com/tmb/club-fair-attention-monopoly and wanted something similar, but showing off hardware. Here's what I came up with: Folks submit their name, which the program automatically generates realistic fake handwriting for, and writes their name in an available space with Blot! It works by using the pretrained handwriting-synthesis model, alongside matter.js for a quick and dirty way to position the names, and of course blot, which had some handy functions for machine control! Check out the code! github.com/samdev-7/blot-shenanigans
#scrapbook Here is another project Space Tourism Website using HTML CSS and JS.
#arcade For arcade, I spent about two weeks making a 3d renderer in Python using PyGame! It uses a bunch of trigonometry and 3d rendering techniques. You can also upload .obj files into this as well! github.com/Space-Cat-Atelier/3D-Renderer/tree/main
Wall mounted medicine holder, with space for two switches so that you have a fast and visual way to remember if you took your meds: github.com/Emma-Perez-Rovira/Med-Holder. Works with both 50mm diameter and 32mm diameter bottles.
I made another 3D Model, this time of another table that I wanted to upgrade in our house: • More space, more items • Dividers for arrangements • Platforms dedicated to items So, meet the TeleTable, an improved Television Table! The creation also features items already "placed" on the table so you can get a feel for the design intentions during my creation process! Feel free to remix or view the files and repo here: github.com/GGGalang/TVTableModel/tree/main While you can view the render in the STEP files, access this within 30 Days for a better view: autode.sk/4cOdSq4 Efficiency is key, they say. Cheers to learning!
I challenged myself to setup a space scene as quickly as possible, and it took about 2.5 hours. Anyway the earth was really hard to get looking right, space in general is really hard for 3d. Either way here's the render! It's titled "No shipping" because it's an astronaught on the iss wanting to send postage home BlenderEarth
Project 8 - 3d Space shooter game complete. Run the main.py file to run it and make sure you have the required modules
guyss, added another feature in my face-recognition GUI app and that is chatting, there is a space for entering inputs and then they are sent for processing to ai , it can do whatever task you want him to do. here's github repo: github.com/Darshan-Choudhary-02/face-detection please do visit it
Post 11 Introducing: Cosmo 🚀 Cosmo is a versatile Discord bot designed for astronomy enthusiasts and learners. It provides real-time information about celestial objects and bodies, satellites and stations, and space facts. With commands powered by various APIs, Cosmo enriches your Discord server with educational content and interactive features related to space exploration ❗Try it out @ dsc.gg/add-cosmo❗ Check out the source code @ github.com/shrysjain/cosmo
This is a submission for HackClub Arcade. I created an Amiibo Enclosure in TinkerCAD and Autodesk Inventor. An Amiibo is a small action figure sold by the gaming company Nintendo that has the ability to interact with specific video games on the Nintendo Switch System. I have a growing collection of them, and I was beginning to run out of space to display them on the bookshelf in my room. That is why I started this project to create a storage container for each individual figure that is stackable and able to be hung on a hook. They work wonderfully and organize my Amiibos in a safe and effective way. The GitHub Repository for this project contains all of the links to view the individual CAD workspaces for each 3D Model. The TinkerCAD Models are still "Public Pending," so those links might not be functional yet. I decided to challenge myself by drawing one of the models in Autodesk Inventor using surfaces. The Printables Page for this project hosts the STL files that will allow anybody to 3D Print these enclosures. The project itself includes a basic Amiibo Enclosure, a hanging Amiibo Enclosure, a vertical clip for the hanging Amiibo Enclosure, and a horizontal clip for the hanging Amiibo Enclosure. I hope other people will find this project useful for their own organizational needs. Repository Link: github.com/AdamCodes2023/Amiibo-Enclosure-CAD.git Printables Page: www.printables.com/model/928833-amiibo-enclosure-hanging-and-not-hanging-versions TinkerCAD Home Page: www.tinkercad.com #arcade #scrapbook #cad
from IPython.display import display, HTML display(HTML(''' !DOCTYPE html <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>Flappy Bird</title> <style> body { margin: 0; display: flex; justify-content: center; align-items: center; height: 100vh; background-color: #70C5CE; } canvas { border: 1px solid #000; background-color: #fff; } </style> </head> <body> <canvas id="flappyBirdCanvas" width="400" height="600"></canvas> <script> const canvas = document.getElementById('flappyBirdCanvas'); const context = canvas.getContext('2d'); const bird = { x: 50, y: 150, width: 20, height: 20, gravity: 0.6, lift: -15, velocity: 0, show: function() { context.fillStyle = 'green'; context.fillRect(this.x, this.y, this.width, this.height); }, update: function() { this.velocity += this.gravity; this.y += this.velocity; if (this.y > canvas.height - this.height) { this.y = canvas.height - this.height; this.velocity = 0; } if (this.y < 0) { this.y = 0; this.velocity = 0; } }, up: function() { this.velocity += this.lift; } }; const pipes = []; const pipeWidth = 40; const pipeGap = 150; let frameCount = 0; let score = 0; function drawPipes() { context.fillStyle = 'green'; for (let pipe of pipes) { context.fillRect(pipe.x, 0, pipeWidth, pipe.top); context.fillRect(pipe.x, pipe.bottom, pipeWidth, canvas.height - pipe.bottom); pipe.x -= 2; if (pipe.x + pipeWidth < 0) { pipes.shift(); score++; } if (bird.x < pipe.x + pipeWidth && bird.x + bird.width > pipe.x && (bird.y < pipe.top || bird.y + bird.height > pipe.bottom)) { resetGame(); } } } function addPipe() { let top = Math.floor(Math.random() * (canvas.height - pipeGap)); let bottom = top + pipeGap; pipes.push({x: canvas.width, top: top, bottom: bottom}); } function resetGame() { bird.y = 150; bird.velocity = 0; pipes.length = 0; frameCount = 0; score = 0; } function draw() { context.clearRect(0, 0, canvas.width, canvas.height); bird.show(); bird.update(); if (frameCount % 100 === 0) { addPipe(); } drawPipes(); context.fillStyle = 'black'; context.fillText('Score: ' + score, 10, 20); frameCount++; requestAnimationFrame(draw); } document.addEventListener('keydown', function(event) { if (event.code === 'Space') { bird.up(); } }); draw(); </script> </body> </html> '''))
🚀Ever dreamed of tracking satellites in real-time like the absolute supervillain that you are? 🚀 Meet Astronaut Orpheus, a new slack bot designed to do just that. Simply use /track <NORAD ID> and instantly access the latest telemetry data from over 1800 satellites across more than 3000 ground stations worldwide. You can even decode the telemetry data yourself to pinpoint and gather information from your favorite satellites and transmitters. It's going to be a part of "Orpheus Goes to Space," Hack Club's very own space program, allowing us to monitor our payload once it's launched into space To try using it to get data from the ISS: use /track 25544.
I created a music player app controllable entirely by swiping on a trackpad with right = skip, left = prev, bottom = pause. and Y axis is volume. space bar also brings up the selected music player. github.com/Simonhajd/mousebrightness
Day 9 of BlastOff development: I took some days off for preparing the game for F-Droid release (Not ready yet). And I spent last 2 days in #arcade to make the game compatible with all screen sizes. Today, I finished the expansion of background by separating what was a single background texture in to: Background gradient, Stars (for night sky) and sun/moon. I decided spawn the stars using an algorithm. Here is what I have done so far (a sample with 4 clusters, with each cluster containing 2 stars (Definitely needs tweaking))
Space invader game i made using pygame!!
I added the enemies in my space-invader pygame!! (also im banking in the session for image to ascii art converter i made since i didnt want to post a scrapbook for just one session)
Completed my A* Path finding project in python, just select two points by clicking them, draw borders, and press the space key to start the path finding process! You can also press C key reset all the grid. github.com/aksinghania/pathfinding-visualiser
Transmitted this image through LoRa using a custom protocol I wrote for my CubeSat project and #orpheus-goes-to-space !!! 3 packets were lost during transmission. This is without any acknowledgments between the transmitter and receiver. Will implement some new code to ask for and receive missing packets!
:shipitparrot: 💌 #leaders and clubs ship :shipitparrot: 💌 i spent the last week working on Leaders Letters, a new blog article page for running advice and sharing stories - from club leaders, for club leaders. this was heavily inspired by purdue hackers blog and @matthew. when i read technicolor last year, my club was nonexistent, my administration had probably blocked me on email, and i was on the verge of quitting. but at a time like this, i somehow stumbled upon this beautiful piece of writing and the words "EVERY SCHOOL NEEDS A HACK CLUB KID". it forced me to realize that my end goal was to create a space for students like me with hacker culture that just didn't exist. okay, maybe i wouldn't wear a hack club sticker cape - but i could definitely be the "hack club kid" at my school. i found a second home in hack club and through the process, was empowered to start a similar ecosystem at my own school. fast forward to today, not only does the miraculous club that i once dreamt of running exist, but we have people like @TishaKaur @ChristianDutton-U04E0LL16MA @AanyaKungwani from that club who have gone on to become a deeper part of hack club through hackathons, #days-of-service (#blossom), #forsyth-hacks :forsyth-hacks-2-bolt:, & #the-summit :leaders-summit:. we have had huge meetings with successful workshops that have propelled people to join hack club, but mainly a lot of smaller ones that just seem like hanging out with a group of friends and creating projects :taco-dance:. this year, i had the greatest pleasure of onboarding @PaulKim, @michelle, and @RyanDu-U04QM0MH6TV and we've created an even larger cohort of metro-atlanta hack clubs who are working to create #hack-the-aquarium :ocean-magic_wand:. when i joined hack club, it was something extraordinary and out worldly and allowed me to find "my people". when i became a hack club leader, i was given the platform and tools to help others like me find each other and a school-wide and now city-wide tight-knit community in atlanta. i am just so grateful i took this jump after hearing all the experiences of past leaders. leaders letters is written in next.js :nextjs: and tailwind :tailwind: and will be updated with monthly leader blog articles or stories that need to be shared. the goal of the site is to serve as a stagnant place for the greatest memoirs that will help boost and inspire future leaders, and in the process allow current leaders to have their voices heard. :heart-eng: my final ask is if you're a leader who wants to share your story, don't hesitate! send me a DM or make a PR with the instructions in the repository! and more importantly, if you're not a leader, apply to be one and remember that it's never too late to start. trust me, it literally changed my life and every day helps me change others' lives as well. :githubparrot: github.com/sahitid/leaders-letters 🔗 hackclub.com/letters huge thank you to @fayd & @ShubhamPatil for moral support and helping me with the website coding. also thank you @matthew for the inspiration (from realizing that technicolor & future letters needed a home). and lastly, thank youuu :blobheart: @SarahDowden for the moral support and conversations that kept me sane through the work.
I added time-based reminder support to my Mastodon bot, rathercurious-mastodon. I also structured the project in a way that it can be used as a framework for building other bots. With this update, using a command such as @rathercurious@botsin.space> #remindme in 10m will schedule a reminder that is posted in 10 minutes. To reduce clutter, you can mention this bot in a DM (even in an existing thread) and it will reply to you in a DM. Otherwise, it will just match the visibility of your command. I'll probably end up refactoring the code a bit before running it 24/7. This was my first project that uses a proper database. Surprisingly, I was able to add this feature that I've been meaning to for a while in one day. github.com/slashtechno/rathercurious-mastodon/pull/1
Day 67 of #100-days-in-public. Today is my last day in Houston. Today my robotics team (and many others) visited the Johnson space center. We got to see a space shuttle mock up and also the old mission control center which is over the new one. Overall, I had quite the time in Houston and look forwards to returning some day for robotics or rockets. Tomorrow should be back to normal updates, where I hope to improve my blot pathing planner.
5 months into this project and it's finally finished! This is a gadget geocache for my local maker space. Custom PCB (funded by Onboard) interfaced with an Arduino for controlling LEDs in the eyes, giving instructions on how to solve the puzzle through the speaker, checking the password entered, and controlling a solenoid to open the hatch on the bottom when the puzzle is solved. Hand crank on the side turns a geared stepper motor to charge supercapacitors that provide enough power to last a few minutes so nobody has to worry about charging or replacing batteries. The whole thing is covered in epoxy for weatherproofing. Hopefully, it will be up and running in a week or so!