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Finished my piano USB hub PCB!
I captured the first waveform on my new oscilloscope!!! This is from my pocket PCB piano (prev. musical keyboard) speaker output. Effectively the output of a 555 timer!!! So exciting!!
Electronic Piano PCB ordered! Jam coming soon™. The gold/silver/circular pads are surfaces connected to capacitive touch sensors (they detect your finger by how it forms a capacitor with the circuit). I have different layers on those to experiment with which finish works best for touch detection in this design. But whenever each key detects touch, it allows the capacitor of the 555 timer (a frequency generator) to be charged at a rate determined by the variable resistor for that key (the potentiometers are at the top). Those potentiometers can be tuned to allow for different frequencies for each key. Then, the 555 timer outputs a signal into the speaker circuit, which you can then hear! What are your cool name ideas for this PCB? The best suggestion gets to be the jam title!
did some hw, piano, and some scioly today. Started playing around with a circuit design for detector
riffing from a recent trip to california. kinda got in a trance and kept playing the same thing
After 399 days my streak has officially come to the first place with the 400th day today! :tw_tada: :fireball: :parrotdad: I started last year just as something to do when I joined Hack Club :hack-club: but it have become a great way to keep small updates of the things I've been working on and learning. So for today, besides celebrating this, I finished my code and add more documentation updates for github.com/javierzaleta/splatter-paint (please consider starring iton GitHub!) and made a piano website with another workshop 🎹 that I'll share soon besides a JavaScript :javascript: music visualizer. Also, I just need to wait one more day for my last Hacktoberfest PR :hacktoberfest-2022: to be accepted and sadly I missed Sal Khan's AMA. :sadge: :khan-academy:
Piano class
okay so i kept forgetting to do #10-days-in-public. then i did some self-reflection, hit a minor emotional crisis, etc., and realized i should be doing something else. Day 1 of writing a li'l song and throwing it into the void
playing piano in the rain ⛈️ 🎹
Today I decided to record and edit some piano music. I think it ended very good.
Piano is pog
Talking with @BenjaminSmith . We talked a bit about everthing and played a bit of piano for him 🎹 .
when i moved to Irvine a month ago, I couldn’t bring my piano. Excited to say that i got a roland in a music store today! been playing all day, making progress on this massive Orange cover (from ylia) ❤️
When piano and Minecraft combine, beautiful things can append.
Rented out a practice room today, recorded for my audition, and spent the rest of the two hours playing and improvising piano from memory.
Just realized I got stuck in this piano piece, I think I am gonna move and try to learn another one
Well I'm not going to be a piano player anytime soon
finally! it took the better part of a year, but i actually managed to build a modular synthesizer!!!
Been learning “house of the rising sun” and my thumb feels like it’s going to fall off
🎹 Haven't played the piano in awhile, so decided to randomly sightread a piece; could have gone a lot better.
Hey there small but (i hope) cool ship! So I got sidetracked whilst making a workshop and have made a global piano! Powered by Socket.io you can now play the piano on the site and it will brodcast to everyone else on the site! If no one else is online, open up multiple browser tabs and test it out! Attached is a demo video! link: piano-global.sampoder.repl.co (i made it in 20ish min so idk if there are any glitches, also sorry no mobile support as it needs a keyboard)
love barenboim!
Just got home, had to drive 45 minutes to pick up some stuff for school, going to watch the nba later, going to eat dinner i think fried rice? not sure 🍚 , worked on my project, learning tons of cool things w backend and some frontend as well, joined #matthews-brain-dump which is honestly one of the best channels i’m in, practiced TONS of my music, and had school which made my eyes strain but I went to the beach to take a break so its all good now. I found out that the beach is super relaxing and the sounds of waves can literally be perfect meditation and wash away all your worries and problems. Also, the sand is super soft, no hard big rocks, and there is literally no one there on weekdays aka i hv a private beach all to myself. Here’s some piano 😁
Got into playing an old piece. This one was a ringer
An hour of my life learning this and recording it, totally worth it :meow-party:. The rhythm's kinda off but hey, whatever :bro:
Shitpost shitpost don't mind the heavy breathing :blobfearsweat:
Played the keyboard some today, but it wasn’t good enough to share (also epic desk reveal /s)
Some nice beats 🎶 (ok don't roast my music taste) • www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qap5aO4i9Awww.youtube.com/watch?v=D_1sPwbyxDYwww.youtube.com/watch?v=lTRiuFIWV54www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1IChPfD2-swww.youtube.com/watch?v=ypQZV03l80gwww.youtube.com/watch?v=7j4WQ5qOBZYwww.youtube.com/watch?v=rA56B4JyTgIwww.youtube.com/watch?v=wAPCSnAhhC8 unfortunately I can't listen to Classical Music since then I'll start realllyy enjoying it and analyzing it and listening to 10000 interpretations 😢 I'm chilling a bit with music. It's 2:42 pm and I haven't eaten lunch yet (I'm not hungry? Hmm) This summer went by a bit fast. I completely left the HOPE Project (hopepiano.org) and removed myself of my Co-Executive Director position. I think things were expanding a lot and while I had a lot of plans I don't think the whole board was ready. There were really heartbreaking internal problems and I wasn't informed of them until the last minute, and I thought I couldn't take it anymore. Through this project, I really learned a heck ton about leadership, working with people from around the world, converting between timezones (lol), learned using new tech, and more. I think HOPE might be suspended for right now, but I'm not sure. I've met and got the amazing opportunity to work with some of the coolest people through this organization, and I wish it the best. ❤️
Uhh... so here's some attempted improv in lydian... This is just for scrapbook ignore or you'll go deaf :blobnomcookie:
For my friend’s birthday. CAD model of a piano. Will 3D print next 👍
🎹I played piano today (probably the first time I’ve touched it in close to a year). Not bad, I guess, I played City of Stars and another piece 😉 . It was just really really fun playing piano again.
Waiting for hardware.... So working on my talents 😃...
Ah yes and I have listened to about 10 concertos in the past 2 days 🎹
I've been working on preparing for a webinar for the HOPE Project! (Harmonies of Pianists Everywhere; linktr.ee/hopepiano) It's free and is open to ALL musicians: we have some expert panelists speaking to us about Effective Practicing! It's not too late to sign up; I'll be hosting 😄
https://cloud-6qd90ar9y.vercel.app/0webinar_2__a_.jpg https://cloud-6qd90ar9y.vercel.app/1webinar_2__b_.jpg
It’s been 5 years since I got this piano and this is the first time I’m setting up MIDI input and paddle shortcuts on it! I guess I can finally record down my random melody ideas now
Session 2 of my journey of learning how to improve on piano (I don't expect these to sound good — they're like the "before" part of a "before + after"). During my 1st session last week I kept in mind nothing except to generally stay in the same key. Since then I've reviewed chords a bit + watched some relevant videos, but it's all been pretty passive + I haven't practiced the concepts yet. Today I added some left-hand chords + continued exploring melodies in various keys, but being so out of practice made it hard for my hands to coordinate. I think I'll see rapid improvement once I review my chords more actively + practice playing different progressions 🎹