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I haven’t shipped something in a while, but I was looking at the Stickermule deal for pins. Stickermule deals only last for a certain period of time, but there are also other deals with a special URL that persist beyond a few days. Then I wondered if I could get a database of every Stickermule deal for easy access next time I need to order something. It turns out it’s as easy as scraping stickermule.com/deals. I present stickermule.vercel.app, an API for getting the current and previous Stickermule deals. It provides the name, URL, and the product. I made it with Node, Vercel serverless functions, cheerio, and Supabase. Every time it finds a new deal, it’ll add it to the database. After a few weeks it should have a fair amount of deals. Source code on
made a cool graphic for instagram and maybe twitter
Stock Viewer I think from workshop! 😄
🚢 wahoo, it's a :bank-hackclub-dark: ship! 🌈 ever wondered how to deposit a physical check into your Hack Club Bank account? or connect a crowdfunding campaign or merch shop to Bank? 💰 well now you can learn how to, right from the Bank dashboard! in the new 📝 “Documentation” tab, you can learn about connecting third-party fundraising platforms, get familiar with depositing physical checks, and access resources including Legal Docs, Branding, and FAQ. :flying_money_with_wings: 🦄 🏦 not on hack club bank? 🏧 you can see the pages in transparency mode at bank.hackclub.com/windyhacks/documentation. if you find any bugs or have any suggestions, let me know :D 🥚 🗿 🐇
Zoom Jeopardy! 🎉
wow someone just bought $300 of one of my personal cryptocurrencies.. who would do that 😂
I won against Amazon!
Later today, I'll build a presentation for my mini AMA w Emily Ramshaw on raising money. This morn, I added pages to my personal website, html and css
Back on my econ grind! Didn't really do much again today. I feel like I kinda lost my motivation and momentum lmao. My extra long summer break is coming to and end, and part of me doesn't want it to end — there's still so many things I need to complete.
After a weeklong break, I'm back to my unhealthy obsession with economics😬. Didn't really do much today. I followed a lot of people on github. I'll probably be going through my github and adding tags/editing descriptions for my repos, and maybe editing some old readme's.