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🚢 Another micro ship! I built a auction snipper to try and snag an ipod; it is written in typescript and bun as usual and requires only a max bid and auction id to work (besides authentication of course); i'm going to try and add a tui for it and clean up the code a bit but it works!
Added a simple shell to my OS! It doesn't support many commands yet 😕
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designed some pins for my school's deca club! they just arrived today and they look sooo good in person - pictures don't capture the quality 😁 (btw hack club should totally make some enemal pins! they're like 1-2 usd each but probably cheaper the more you buy)
made this cool ascii art for the 404 page of my website! Retro vibes
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Right now I’m working on creating a pair of LED glasses from scratch for #onboard with a completely custom designed-PCB. Once I finish the design and get a working prototype in the mail, I’ll make a tutorial. The way it will work is that each eye has a grid of LED lights on it, and you will be able to program it to flash pretty patterns while they’re on your face. The glasses themselves are purely PCB boards, no extra components (so there is a front piece in the shape of sunglasses that go in front of your eyes, then 2 PCB pieces that go behind your ears and hold that front piece to your face. Over the weekend I had a call with @ky200617 to help me figure out how to lay out the components because I had trouble fitting them all, so now I’m spacing all the parts out to make it easier to route them. I’ve removed all the wires from the design, and will be starting the wiring from scratch. Also, you’ll see the neopixels gone from the board- now I’m going to wire up the rest of the board first before laying out the LEDs.
Today I’m working on making the circuit board for a set of LED glasses! Will be posting more updates in #onboard as I go. The gif is an example of what I want to make from Adafruit, but the schematics and outline for the glasses are my own work
i would love to ship this video i made at isef which received a standing ovation
this slime friend is coming for you...